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Down South + Polenta fried squash

August 5, 2013

IMAG0676 IMAG0683

Last weekend I had the pleasure of journeying to South Carolina for a beach-side baptism.  Did you know that the Spanish Moss so famed for lining the branches of oak and cypress trees is not moss, but an angiosperm and enjoys a symbiotic relationship with the tree?  It just uses the tree as a place to hang and the only possible negative effects are more wind resistance for the tree in a hurricane and slowed growth due to less sunlight received underneath the heavy moss covering.

OK, school is now over and the somewhat ridiculous recounting of how I came to have a mouth full of gravel can proceed.

AB told me he was going to batter our CSA squash and fry it.  Awesome!  We were “out” of flour (we can’t see the back of our cabinets, I found it lurking later) so we thought uncooked polenta would do just fine.  He dipped the squash in CSA egg yolk, coated it in polenta and fried away.



The polenta did not, as we had hoped, miraculously puff and soften in the oil.  It instead became adhered to the innermost being of the squash, rendering it inedible (lord knows we tried).  It was more than a little bit sad but I guess that’s how you learn.  We thought we were re-inventing the wheel, a new culinary treat sure to take off in Williamsburg.  Luckily, that was just the appetizer.  The rest of the meal was a rousing success.  Oven roasted potatoes, sauteed swiss chard and Boothby Blond cucumber salad filled our plates which we purposefully sat beside the CSA hydrangea and ‘sparkle flowers’ (?).  I think we mainly recovered from the squash loss, but the failure still stings a little.

IMAG0598 IMAG0639


Your Monday lunch break tune

It’s 1977 and Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Rait and Little Feat want to sing for you.

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  1. August 5, 2013 3:45 pm

    Love the attempt, the music and reading your writing is fabulously fun.

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