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Quiet Sunday gardening

June 30, 2013

They say the early bird catches the worm, and since I wake up early for work all week, I (sometimes involuntarily) continue as an early bird on the weekends too… Both my internal clock, and my purring alarm Jacob, regularly wake me up as the sun is rising, and today I hopped out of bed and walked down the hill to my little plot in the community garden!


I packed myself a little breakfast (iced mocha w almond milk, a kind bar and apple),

Loaded up the new plants I had purchased the day before at the farmer’s market,

And hung out with the bees and snails and birds, weeding and planting before the heat of summer descended on the day.

I will ashamedly admit that I’m not always the best gardentender. Before this am, my plot had more than its fair share of weeds, I might not water as much as I should, and even after this am, there’s a lot more planting to be done… BUT! Earlier this week I met Dan, the legendary gardener of Brooklyn Heights, whose looooong plot is next to mine, and is positively overflowing with flowers and vines and tomatoes and rosebushes climbing high towards the sun. Dan’s herbaceous skills are unparalleled in the Adam Yauch park vicinity, and I may venture to say in all of Brooklyn! And on top of it all, he was so nice and humble, and inspired me to step it up…

I took note of my little tomatoes progressing,

And ate the few alpine strawberries that were there

And felt proud of my hard work in the dirt

Before heading off on my bike for brunch with a friend! And I hereby commit to being a more frequent waterer for the rest of this hot and humid NY summer!

(and I apologize for the misfocused pics!)

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