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June 15, 2013

Good Morning!  Happy Saturday!

Right now Gia & I are in the Catskills for the weekend, cooking and probably drinking (what time zone are you in?  Only God can judge me).  Hooray for the countryside!


Did you know broccoli rabe flowers (above) are edible?  Google is a modern woman’s sous chef.  I would recommend an extra long steam and 1-inch pieces for CSA broccoli rabe, adding the tender flowers and leaves towards the end.  Squeeze of lemon.

Note:  I just made this again and honestly, the leaves and flowers are the best part.  I may have to juice the fibrous stems…any tips?


Cluck cluck

My second favorite feature of these eggs (after the rich taste that comes from a yolk that perches highly on its white) is the dirt in the carton.  It assures me that these are, in fact, ‘real’ eggs.  That goes for all the food.  It requires thorough washing but not because of chemicals!  They are delicious any-which-way but I prefer them scrambled (Gia stifles a scream at how long I cook them) with garden herbs and garlic sautéed in the olive oil first.

Video Break:  this salad makes me feel like dancing

The CSA Arugula and Mesclun greens were both camera-shy (or: in my stomach so fast).  I washed them thoroughly–lots of grit–and made this dressing from non-CSA condiments we received as engagement gifts:

spicy Dijon mustard
oregano infused rice wine vinegar
basil infused olive oil
truffle sea salt
freshly cracked mixed peppercorns

I had to email my mom about this salad immediately, it was that good.  The most tender greens (and spiciest Arugula!) I have ever had.

A note on the cost of a CSA:  At first, the upfront cost of a 6 month weekly CSA membership could seem daunting at around $1,000.  But, you will eat organically for the price of non-organic.  I spend more than $40/week normally on groceries and they aren’t CSA quality.   Plus, now Wednesday pick up days feel like Fridays because I am so darn excited!

Have a great weekend, friends.

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