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My bowl

June 14, 2013

If you’ve ever come over for dinner (or breakfast!) chez moi, you know that I’m more of a bowl and spoon kind of eater, rather than a plate and fork + knife gal… And now, I have a new favorite bowl that I’ve been using allllll the time! After staying with my friend Eryn in L A last month, we just missed each other too much and to fill the void, we’ve started sending each other presents from coast to coast! After a long delay from the estimated delivery date, during which I stalked the postal carrier and cursed the USPS (sorry about that!), I finally received the most beautiful bowl that I’ve seen in my life

Hand carved from Chechen, a Caribbean Rosewood, by Christian Fecht (he is a gifted designer and I wish my studio would expand in size so I could start a collection of his furniture!)

The bowl is so smooth and fits in the hand perfectly… I have been eating everything from it, especially my eggs because it reminds me of mornings with EJ…

Here is my first meal from my CSA bounty – farmer’s egg frittata with skinny asparagus and cherry tomatoes, and a slice of cinnamon raisin toast! (last two items from the regular grocery)

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