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Tea time!

February 25, 2013


Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon in the company of my neighbors having tea, British style! Accompanying the jasmine green tea, we enjoyed quite a few delicacies… We started with cucumber sandwiches on white bread cut into rectangles and smoked salmon sandwiches on wheat cut into triangles (no crusts of course!). Next, a treat of scones with butter, blood orange marmalade, or blackberry preserves (a leftover scone made my breakfast today, pictured above – the recipe is from a British woman living in America, so authenticity was not compromised by non-metric measurement :)) As the sun was setting on the scenes of the street, we each had a slice of divine lemon tart! Thank you Susan for hosting our get-together, and I look forward to having you ladies over next month!

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  1. Susan permalink
    February 27, 2013 12:53 pm

    Gia, what a nice afternoon. You are kind — and wise beyond your years!

    I still need to work on that scone recipe. Not quite up to Brit standards.

    To next month, Susan

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