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Blue Dog

October 26, 2012

Another place my mom and I must visit when I visit home is Blue Dog Bakery and Cafe. Everything there is delicious and made with so much care that it is tangible – it has that special touch that makes you feel a little warmer in your heart… And a little glass of wine with lunch doesn’t hurt that either!

One of us always has to get the artichoke sandwich (with the addictive wheat berry salad and homemade potato chips), and then we will try a new menu item and share it all. This time we tried their pizza with arugula, bacon and soft boiled egg, which was seriously divine!

I don’t know how we always get so lucky but we are always seated at our favorite spot at the counter in front of the windows where you can leisurely watch dogs, people, cars, and the trains next to Frankfort Avenue pass by…. It’s the perfect place to linger and talk and think and laugh and wonder how far the coins you left on the train tracks will jump when they get flattened!

Post script – not too long ago I went for a stroll along the promenade and decided to get a Mister Softy from the man with the long grey ponytail who parks on Pierrepont. I came up a nickel short, and he was going to let me slide, but! I remembered the flattened one was in my bag… Though its no longer legal tender, when I handed him the pancaked Thomas Jefferson I think it made both of our days!

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  1. Patty permalink
    October 26, 2012 9:35 am

    Oh Gia, I love your blog. Thank you for sharing! ❤

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