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October 25, 2012

For labor day, I went home to Kentucky to see my mom and celebrate her birthday. We have a few traditions that we have established for when I come home to take the time to treat ourselves. One of these is Saturday morning yard sales and doughnuts!

This familiar old sign has been a Louisville staple since my mom was a kid, and I think if they ever changed it, or the nostalgic feeling inside the shop with its faux woven trays

and take a number system,

I may cry! You scoot down the counter until #73 is called, whereupon one of the army of high school girls wearing blue smocks will assemble your order with care.

Mom and I always get milk from the carton to accompany the sugary sustenance, and sit at the counter sifting through the yard sales listed in the Saturday paper to determine our plan of action!

We always take little bags to go with whatever we didn’t eat. We nibble on the doughnuts later along our route for a boost of energy before we search at another house for a treasure among a lot of junk. But as much as we love each other, we need separate bags! These doughnuts are too good to share 🙂

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