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Rosannadanna’s Banana Bread

October 10, 2012

Now that it’s getting colder, and we’re getting out our softest sweaters, and it’s dark in the morning when we (or at least me!) wake up, and we restarted our Netflix account because all we want to do is stay cozy at home, and have been thinking about our next fun *inside* project, and we’ve already been roasting farmer’s market veggies like crazy (especially kale :)), and have started another new book on the nightstand….

Now that it’s getting colder, all I want is banana bread!

(featuring a pot holder made by my mom :))

My mom has always made the most delicious banana bread, and always from the same recipe that her grandmother shared with her. Ever since I was little, I can remember seeing the well worn index card with the simple, yet magical, formula for the perfect loaf. (thinking about this blog post, I imagined one day inheriting this scrap of paper that is so special to me, and framing it with archival glass… So silly)

Recently she sent me this quick shot of the card and told me how one afternoon as a teenager, she sat down with Grandma Barker and copied out this, and many of her other infamous recipes. Just to confirm my assumption, I asked if Rosannadanna was a friend of my great g-ma… Hilariously no! My uncle had taken the card and written the name on top of that girl from the popular Saturday Night Live skit from the time! There goes my fictional version of history…

I am so lucky to come from a family that values and saves recipes and other mementoes. So lucky in fact, that I pcould enjoy my own slice of banana bread with coffee one morning recently from the same great grandmother’s hand-painted cup and saucer! Thank you Aunt Violet for passing it along to me!



Post Script!  I almost forgot to mention that when I make this recipe, I use three very brown bananas in the dough, and one more yellow if you want slices on top!

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  1. Patty permalink
    October 10, 2012 8:25 am

    Scrumptious! Gia, I love that you put whole slices of banana! It’s lovely! Thank you for sharing your treasured recipe & your memories! I for one absolutely love that you treasure these tiny things in life that help form the people we become. You are such a treasure, & it’s an honor that you share with all of us! And, I recognize that little potholder! It was created on my 1st get-well therapy night after surgery just a few wks ago! So sweet! Hugs & kisses, & keep blogging! I look forward to every new post!

  2. October 11, 2012 6:05 pm

    I love banana bread! Save us a slice for Sunday 🙂

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