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Pastry package!

August 16, 2012

On a Saturday last month (ok, well, maybe two months ago now!), I received a pink postcard in the mail to indicate that a package was awaiting my pickup at the post office. I rushed to the Brooklyn main USPS upon waking on Monday morning and was so excited to discover the contents that I couldn’t even wait to open it until I got home and tore my way into the neatly packed box right there at the blue counter! (unfortunately the clouds couldn’t wait to open up either, and I ended up speed walking through the downpour home through the heights to enjoy one of my goodies!)

My new friends George and Jessica (who I met during a Brooklyn biking adventure in Dumbo) had recently returned from Taiwan to visit family and become divemasters, and returned with an entire suitcase full of Chinese treats and pastries!! (my kind of people!) Since we weren’t able to make plans for a while, George was so gracious as to send me a sampler pack of cookies, pastries and teas, with labels explaining each delicacy…


And they were delicious!! I had to garner up a fair amount of willpower not to eat them all on the first day! For about a week I enjoyed a pastry each morning, and have included some of the highlights:

Pineapple and cranberry pastry with milky tea


Mixed sesame pastry with a big coffee (and lavender from boo!)


Almond tea with pine nuts


(not pictured but also lingers in my mind… Black bean cookie!)

Thank you again George and Jessica (and looking forward to another dim sum brunch soon)! I was already hooked on Chinatown pastries, and have been obsessed with finding the perfect vanilla roll for a while now, but this package took my Chinese pastry love to a whole new level! Do you have a favorite that I must try? 🙂

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