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Two eggs, country style please!

August 9, 2012

A friend recently turned me on to a deceptively simple delight… Country style eggs! Rather than pre-beat the eggs in a bowl a la scrambleds, you crack the eggs directly into the hot pan with melted butter (or olive oil if that’s what you prefer). Break the yolk and start to mix around as it cooks. This will yield what, on first glance, looks like your typical morning fare, but has a much more nuanced texture, in my humble opinion (just, please, do not overcook!). You may alternatively get bites with more white, more yolk, or a fair combo, some bites with more volume, some a little flat, it’s a texture and taste surprise fork by fork 😉

Country style eggs are perfect in a big cast iron skillet during a weekend at the farmhouse with a dozen or so of your favorite friends. Or if you have a little Lodge, they are perfect for that weekday morning when all you have in the cupboard are two eggs, a few crackers, and instant espresso (another quick weekday fix that can be surprisingly tasty!)  Let me know what you think!


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