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Getting back in the groove!

August 2, 2012

Wow! So… Yoga teacher training ended on Sunday, and for something that I have alternately anticipated, dreaded, wished for, feared, resigned to, sadly saw creeping up, denied, and the list of strong emotions goes on and on, the day came and went with nearly a non-reaction. I spent many, MANY waking hours (and many hours I probably should have been asleep too!) working towards my certification, shared laughs and tears and discoveries and uncoveries with my teachers and fellow trainees, and gave it my all, perhaps to the temporary detriment of any outside hobbies or activities, work, friendships (I spoke to a fellow trainees’ fiancé last night who said he started attending yoga at our studio during the training, in part so that he could actually see his love!), and perhaps most upsetting, to the detriment of this blog! 😉 At the fruition of all of that effort collected over months, I kept waiting this weekend for the sigh of relief, tears of gratitude, or maybe hopping up and down waving my fists in the air and yelling woohoooooo accidentally disrupting the savasana of the class upstairs! But nothing really happened… It was more like (me subtly nodding my head) “oh, teacher training is done…”

It might have been that I already had the release a few weeks ago, when the homework, program requirements, and hours at the studio seemed overwhelming, and I wasn’t sure if I could tackle what seemed like insurmountable challenges (ha, so dramatic I know!) at that time. Rather than a nervous breakdown, I experienced a surrender, and had that feeling of knowing that everything would work out the way it should, that things would be complete at some point as needed rather than me forcing, and that I was where I needed to be. Experiencing that trust in myself and the universe, combined with immense amounts of coffee and dirty chai lattes with almond milk from The Bean (and of course the help of my dear friends + family, thank you my loves!), allowed me to float to the end of training with minimal fretting and worrying. I felt a level above (not sure if I should attribute this to some yogic state, or sleep deprivation, but I’ll settle for a combo of the two!).

But! Post-tt, I’ve noticed some nearly imperceptible shifts… I see and hear and feel more deeply (if that makes sense, turning into such a yoga hippy :)). I feel such an appreciation for life, the way things are now and how I see they could be, the interactions I have, and the experiences and visuals that I encounter. I have so much energy and motivation and space for the things I love, and have been cooking and reading and re-connecting with the people I love and doing so many of those things from my dream list in just the first few days sans obligation (in addition to yoga of course :)). And I plan on keeping that up!

So a simple, but satisfying, return here as well: yogurt parfait with chia, flax, almonds and fresh figs!

Post script – thank you to Ishta, my teachers, my fellow trainees for helping me to learn this lesson and so many others recently!

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  1. anne sessions permalink
    August 2, 2012 9:12 am

    Congratulations, Gia! Instead of an ending, it sounds like your journey is just beginning.
    This was just the encouragement I needed this morning

    • August 2, 2012 9:27 am

      Wise words! Thank you for being there for me!

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