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Mango season!

June 15, 2012

Memories of Mexico have been lingering in my mind in the past few weeks – the pinkish tint of the softest sand I’ve ever walked upon, the perfect temperature of the turquoise sea, watching the moon setting and the sun rising from a cozy spot on the beach, the sweet cinnamon coffee, walking in the morning and picking up shells, the fresh seafood and piña coladas, lots of laughter with friends new and old during a series of schedule free days!! And last but not least, the fresh mango… Be it in an aqua fresca made to order, in slices next to your French toast for breakfast, or straight from a plastic bag from a man selling it on the beach, the mangos in Mexico were totally mouthwatering and delicious!! And luckily the season has lingered for a few weeks since my return… I have been averaging at least half a mango a day in the past month and have enjoyed every bite! In my opinion, you can skip the grocery store. The best mangos come from the fruit vendors on the streets in NYC. They often have several varieties of mangos at various levels of ripeness, so that you can stock up with a super soft mango to eat today, and a few firmer ones to keep at home for when the craving strikes… Lately the vendor outside my subway has had champagne mangos (the smaller ones with yellow skin, a smaller pit, and a smoother texture- my fave!) priced at 4 for $5. I can not resist! And I love that the taste takes me right back to Tulum…

Thank you sooooo much 😉

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  1. Nancy grantz permalink
    June 16, 2012 10:25 pm

    Mangos are my favorite too!

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