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Florence day 2: lazy Sunday

April 4, 2012

We were all a bit tired the next day to say the least, and woke up slowly, and a little later than we thought…  Nadia made me my first breakfast in Florence, which was just perfect!  The coffee was much needed, the fresh squeezed green juice with kiwi, apple, celery, and ginger hit the spot, and I was lucky enough to try some of Matteo’s grandmother’s homemade plum jam on my toast!

After riding the Vespa (!!!) into the center of town, we deviated from our original and ambitious plan for the day, and ended up strolling through a flea market at Piazza Santo Spirito (my new favorite place!) instead, catching up and catching the sights, including some beautiful daffodils, for my birthday…

A beautiful collection of table clocks, including one where a bird in a cage moved back and forth as the ticking of the seconds passed…

A cafe decorated in different artists’ creations framed within the silhouette of the church, which I found to be particularly delightful and has inspired my next party idea…

And of course the beautiful facade itself!

We lost track of time as we passed booths and shops filled with beautiful treasures, and before we knew it, we were racing back towards home to make dinner (an amazing pasta dish with onions, bacon and baby zucchini) before Nadia’s band practice that evening.

I was thrilled to be the firs fan to see Alchemy Daze play in person! They rocked my socks off, and I wish I could have made their first gig in Florence this past week, but I’m sure there will be many more to come!

We were both exhausted as we drove home through the winding roads going back in to Florence and it was so peaceful to sit back and watch the lights go by as we careened along the road back home…

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