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It’s about time…

March 9, 2012

Not sure if you can read that little fortune cookie fortune in the middle, but it says

It’s about time I got out of that cookie.

!!!  I love this so much and have it hanging on the inside of my front door, along with these other little reminders about how I like to live my life.

And get out of the cookie I shall!  I’m leaving today for my trip to Florence, so will be taking a mini break from the blog while I am away.  I will have many fun shots and stories of my adventures in Italy when I return!

Ciao! xoxoxo


Post script – thank you to my friend Nick for making the sign on the bottom for me back in high school when we worked at Nancy’s Bagel Grounds together! I have kept it all these years!

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  1. Nancy grantz permalink
    March 9, 2012 7:59 pm

    Thanks for the plug Gia, have a great time in Italy. Eat for me. And Happy Birthday a few days early.

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