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Honey face mask

March 4, 2012


My lovely friend Kesang gives me many wonderful suggestions for the blog, and this is one of the most fun for sure! She has turned me on to honey masks.

There are many recipes online for honey masks mixed with a myriad of ingredients such as ground oatmeal, egg whites, crushed chamomile flowers, yogurt, lavender oil, or banana (and the list goes on and on!) to address different skin conditions… I generally like to keep things simple if possible, and on this particular morning I didn’t want to haul the food processor down from its dusty den, so I decided to apply honey straight from the sweet Moonspoon (pictured above) onto my face. Some websites will advocate warming the honey, or wetting your face, before applying because it eases the spreading process. I was using fresh, smooth honey purchased on my trip to Bedford, and didn’t have any problem gliding it across my skin, and in fact it felt quite pleasant! So much so that I made sure to cover as much of my face as possible.

I sat down to catch up on some blogging and reading, and began to realize the honey was migrating downwards slowly……… I liked licking my lips and tasting sweet nectar, but I think I shouldn’t have gone below my eyebrows with the honey – my eyes started to get stuck in the open position!

After rinsing the golden coating off, my skin felt very soft and smooth. Some websites advocate doing this every day with raw honey to draw impurities from your skin, and I think I could get used to adding that into my morning routine! It would also combine well with the avocado hair mask. Enjoy…

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  1. March 13, 2012 11:41 pm

    So it worked? I always thought this is like an old wives’ tale!

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