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Car adventure to Bedford

March 2, 2012

I love to have breakfast in the bay window, but when I can’t eat in that little cocoon, I have found the next best place… The Barn at Bedford Post Inn!

My friend Andrew was brave and gracious enough to give me my first driving experience without a second brake on the passenger side of the vehicle (thank you again Andrew!!), and we decided to drive up to Bedford last Saturday for brunch. It was a gorgeous (though windy) day, and the drive up was very pleasant. I was actually glad that we missed our turn off of the Merritt, because it allowed us a scenic detour along what I believe was High Ridge Road. It was hard not to admire the enormous homes tucked into the forest along the winding road, and I wished I had stopped to snap a few pics, but sooner than I realized we had pulled into the parking lot of the Inn, and walked up through the gazebo to their less formal dining area.


We arrived just in time! By the time we had sat down and ordered coffee, the place really began to fill up with families with their children and equestrians still in their riding gear after a morning on the horses.


And I can understand why! The Barn is so cozy and charming, with exposed wooden beams, beautiful framed prints, miniature cutting boards on each table with salt and pepper shakers and fresh cut flowers, amazing morning light, and last but not least the roaring fire place!


I decided to go the classic route with The Post Breakfast, which was very satisfying indeed. The sunnyside up eggs were perfectly done, the mushrooms quite woodsy, the bacon crisp to my liking, and I always love warm cherry tomatoes.


Andrew got the scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms, and we also ordered a Dutch pancake to nibble on.


Everything was sooo delicious, and I felt content after our meal. But my eyes were still hungry enough to land upon the pastries and quiches, and I felt compelled to get a little raspberry cornbread loaf and a jar of honey to enjoy later…


Then we decided to wander around the Inn a little bit. We spoke to a sweet girl at the front desk, checked out their more formal dining room called the Farmhouse,


saw the dimly-lit bar, and then the private dining room, where I daydreamed about enjoying a relaxed meal with a group of friends some day…


Outside was just as lovely! It was so nice to see the remnants of snow on the ground and to scramble up the hill in our weekend finest to a small stone fence or property demarcation that was beginning to fall down in places.



We began to head back towards the car, walking over a small creek and by a small reflecting pool. We ventured into the ‘city proper,’ as well as Bedford Hills and Katonah, popping into some of the shops on the tiny main drags in these picturesque towns. I loved seeing the old suitcases and wasp’s nests on top of the shelves of some of the general stores, and even ended buying a new jacket!


As we started to head back to Brooklyn in the afternoon, the weather went weird! The wind picked up tremendously and it was simultaneously snowing and brilliantly sunny as we passed over the Whitestone Bridge! It was a dramatic ending to a perfect day, and I was happy to come home to Brooklyn with such great memories. I will definitely be back to the Bedford Post Inn in spring or summer to eat at the Farmhouse and take advantage of their reflecting pool, yoga studio, and the trails behind the Inn!


Post script – sorry a few of the shots were blurry this go around, I was having some troubles with the iPhone. Must be time for a software update, which for some reason I am always loath to do 🙂

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  1. Shermy permalink
    March 2, 2012 10:35 am

    That was a lovely read!!!!

  2. March 5, 2012 3:58 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing these, Gia. You are right about this being a great spot for a wedding. Will spread the good word around about this special nook in the woods!!:)

    • March 5, 2012 5:21 pm

      I would love love love to the the place all decked out!

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