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Sunday paper

February 26, 2012

Now that Downton is over, I’m trying not to succumb too much to withdrawal, and am trying to refrain from imagining what each character must be up to after the smashing Christmas special… I am trying to find other things to be excited about on Sundays, such as catching up on my endless piles of Sunday Times, and eating a simple and delicious zucchini frittata that my dear friend Kesang recommended to me.

(Just grate the zucchini and saute for a bit in a small pan with olive oil. Mix together a few eggs – it really depends on how big your pan is, but I used three plus a little milk – and pour over the zucchini. Continue to cook over medium-ish heat, allowing the bottom to get a little crispy. I had to place another pan on top of the frittata pan while cooking so that the middle would firm up. Once it is almost ready, grate some pecorino romano or parmesan cheese on top, dust with salt and pepper, and voila!)

In case this doesn’t cure you, I will share my newest discovery that will hopefully help to tide you over until season three begins… A fellow blogger has created the most wonderful site called Downton Abbey Cooks, which is an amaaaazing amalgam of the show, recipes relating to it and the characters that occupy the Abbey, the history of the period, and her own personal experiences. I have been trying to read this slowly and savor the discovery (the opposite of my voracious consumption of the show on netflix!)…

And if that doesn’t fit the bill, you can always try this!

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