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Body and soul bakery

February 23, 2012

I look forward to Thursday’s, and not just because it’s the day before the weekend… Every Thursday, even during the winter months, the Body and Soul bakery sets up its table at the Cadman Plaza farmers market, and I will alter my morning route to pick up some of their delicious goodies! They are an alternative style vegan bakery, with many spelt, gluten free, and sugar free options, but why I really love them is their interesting combinations. Anyone care for a pear thyme scone, cranberry ginger muffin, or butternut squash molasses muffin (pictured here with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and Tea du Loup chocolate tea with milk)? I know I do 🙂


Body and Soul also has really nice options to take for lunch! Their white bean and collared green turnover always makes people at the office jealous… I also love the kale and mixed mushroom hot pocket and parsnip farina slices. I’ve yet to try one of their sol rolls, but they look fresh and tasty too!

And best of all, they are so friendly! The rocker type guy I see there most often is always helpful with recommendations and honest opinions about the products. We always had a nice rapport , and then this summer I ran into him under the most unusual circumstances… I went upstate to Tivoli to visit a good friend, her husband, and their beautiful baby while they were doing a house swap for a few weeks. We went on some nice walks, took in the Tivoli day fair, and ate delicious meals, both at some surprisingly sophisticated local restaurants and at home with our farmers market spoils (including one perfect peach pie that served both as dessert and breakfast !!! the next day).


We also got tickets to see the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus that was performing at the Spiegeltent, a beautifully restored structure made of wood and different colored glass, that was brought in from Europe to Bard College for one month (it will be there again this summer too:)). We sat down with anticipation, admiring our jewelbox surroundings, drinking apple juice, and smiling at all of the little kids running around with their ice cream highs.

Finally, the first person to come out from behind the curtain was my farmers market friend! It turns out that he also moonlights as a musician for the circus! He and a cute girl alternated drums, guitar, kazoo, etc while the performers acts dazzled in the foreground! I was particularly keen on the Russian acrobat and sword swallower, but also enjoyed the rope climber, woman who whipped a rose out of an audience member’s mouth, and clowns… Unfortunately there weren’t any elephants, but I’m not sure they would have fit!

The next Thursday I mentioned my circus attendance to the guy at B&S and we both had a good laugh! How small the world can sometimes seem….


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