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Long weekend breakfast!

February 20, 2012


Happy President’s Day!  To celebrate, I have decided to make an extra special breakfast.  I think it is so nice to put a soft boiled egg in a nest, and this one is made of zucchini strips!  I use a vegetable peeler to cut long strips from all sides of the zucchini (once you get to the seeds, it’s best to stop and just cut that part up to eat as a cooking snack.  Those strips will just fall apart), saute in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper, and voila!  It is super simple to make, but gives a great presentation!

Also, this is the base for a great pasta dish too!  Prepare the zucchini as above, cook the pasta (a shape that has a nice surface area works best, ex. rotini or fusili, or if you are feeling fancy, I love campanelle) as instructed, making sure to reserve some of the cooking water.  Put some ricotta cheese in a large bowl, add some pasta water and mix together until you have a nice sauce consistency.  Depending on how much pasta you cooked, you will have to eyeball it to make the right amount of sauce, but you can always add more later if it wasn’t enough…  Toss the drained pasta and zucchini in to the ricotta bowl, add salt and pepper, and anything else you would like!  Sometimes it is nice to add summer peas and arugula to this recipe.  Last time I made this at a friend’s house, she suggested adding some crispy bacon to the top, and it was a genius idea!

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