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Theme and variation

February 10, 2012

You wouldn’t think so, but a half a loaf of black sesame bread can seem like a whole lotta bread to one gal living alone in her little dream apartment… Being conscientious of that old saying ‘Waste not, want not,’ I’ve been eating toast every morning this week. But rather than thinking to myself  ‘ugh, not another slice of bread,’ which is an easy place to go in your mind with a lot of things (fill in the blank : Monday, work assignment, subway commute, bill to pay, load of laundry to do, or even piece of black sesame toast), I try to cut out that negativity before it can surface. To be aware of a situation, and try to frame it in a more flattering light. To see the potential for freshness in a familiar scenario, rather than fall back in to the same old routine….

So! I thought I would post my variations on the theme- toast, fruit, something warm to drink- as a simple example of how to bring newness to the most quotidian of things, breakfast. Hopefully it will help to spread magic to the more boring things too!


Toast with Grandma Wilklow’s red currant jam, blackberries and a baby banana, almond milk cappuccino


Avocado toast, kumquats and blackberries, chai tea with almond milk


Toast with butter, honey, cinnamon and salt, dried apricot and date, Sweet Love Tea with cream

Post script : here are a few of my tricks to keep those fill in the blanks fun too…

* Work assignments – I tend to do them with a multi-colored pencil from the moma store that makes different colors as you write 😛
* Commute – it helps a LOT to look up at faces in the subway and the reflection of light on the streets in the morning, rather than the dirty floor and sidewalk…
* Bills – e-bills and auto-pay! and when you send your rent check, write a nice little card to your landlord
* Laundry – I always try to go for a walk or a coffee when I’m TCB at the laundromat
* Mondays – I could still use a little help with this one… If you have a good Monday coping strategy, could you please share it with me??

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