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Breakfast tray

February 3, 2012

Being a gal who enjoys eating in the bed, I think that one of the best presents you can give your sweet babboo for any occasion is a tray.  And if you surprise them on Valentine’s day with breakfast upon it, all the better!  I did a little Etsy searching and found a good assortment of trays with some nice personalities.  Maybe one will be the perfect present for you to buy…  But strike while the iron is hot!  V day is just around the corner.




1. This chalkboard tray is pretty much adorable! You can write a special note under your tea and toast.






2. The graphic grain of this wooden tray looks really smooth, like it would be a true pleasure to use for years to come…






3. I love this trio of peacock trays. You could present a real feast with them all!







4. This sweet wooden tray has a hand-painted tile and convenient cup holder spots.






5. I’m really digging this screen-printed tray that’s reminiscent of a fishing net and takes me back to my adventures on the B49 to Brighton Beach.  It comes with a love anchor tea towel!





6. This custom crafted tray with horseshoe handles is perfect for that rugged Long Island cowboy in your life.







7. Or if you are shopping for a girlie girl, this floral tray would be quite nice!







8. And this… I just couldn’t resist!


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  1. Nancy permalink
    February 4, 2012 8:52 am

    Love your trays! Now if I could only get Chris to get up earlier than I and fix me breakfast.

  2. March 2, 2012 7:38 am

    You will have to give him some hints… And then secretly set his alarm clock! 😉


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