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Downton breakfast, part 1

January 29, 2012

I really haven’t wanted to get out of the bed all week…  Don’t worry, I’m not depressed.  I’m obsessed!!! with Downton Abbey.

After hearing glowing recommendations from many friends, I finally started my Netflix back up to see what the fuss was all about.  I knew I was hooked after watching the first episode of the series!  And every night this week after work, yoga, dinner, etc, I have come home, made myself a chamomile tea and little plate of dried payaya and dried strawberries, and let myself be whisked away into the magical English countryside until the wee hours of the morning!

Downton has been a prefect escape for me – the beautiful setting of the estate, the exquisite period costumes, the tangled relationships between the characters, the manipulation and intermingling between the upper and lower sections of the house, the gossip!  Everything about the series is absolutely intriguing, and this week my sleep deprived mind has often wandered to the storyline, wondering what is coming next, if my favorite lovelorn couples would finally unite, who will ultimately inherit the estate, and so on…  I’ve even taken to braiding my hair like the Grantham sisters.

So… I thought the best way to give proper blog respect would be a Downton breakfast series!  I did an informal poll and asked my fellow Abbey aficionados what they thought was served for breakfast there, and will be re-creating these repas for the next several Sundays in anticipation of the episode releases.

This morning, coddled eggs, toast, and tea, served on a tray with hand-painted roses (thank you Mother Billie).  I can imagine Lady Cora enjoying this from the comfort of her bed…

Post script: What do you think they eat for breakfast at Downton?

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