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The future in tea

January 26, 2012


It’s fun to think about the future, and to think there’s some way to predict or prepare for what life has in store for us… Across cultures and times there have been so many methods to try to illuminate that which is yet to come – reading tea leaves, watching chickens peck at grains, the movements of celestial bodies, magic 8 balls, etc. 🙂

Dreamer that I am, I tend to like this sort of thing, even if I don’t take it that seriously. (Once in high school my best friend and I finally stopped at a psychic we had passed a thousand times on our bike rides down Bardstown Road. She had soft hands that smelled like fried chicken and told us both separately we would grow up to be very rich and very happy and have a lot of children… I’m a pretty happy gal but still waiting on that other stuff, ha! I guess it was one of those get what you pay for things, though back then $10 seemed like much more than it does now…)

But despite that strange psychic’s version of my story, or any of our fortune telling attempts, there’s not a sure way to predict the outcome of our so-called life. The best way we can prepare is to be open minded to every possibility and adaptable to whatever pops up. This isn’t always an easy task, because we all have notions in our head of what we would like to happen, but things aren’t usually so easy, clean and straightforward. This summer I was speaking to a very interesting Irish man at his art farm in Maine, a guy who owned a blanket mill with his wife and goes on multi-day hikes through the forest by himself (very cool dude!).  When I asked him how he ended up there, he replied without hesitation “a series of fortunate disasters.” It has stuck with me, and is a good reminder that no matter what happens, it’s important to accept your circumstances and then go from there.  To be ready to move beyond your own expectations, or better yet, to not even have them. I’m still working on that last part…

Ps- I see a little bird with long legs in that tasse – time to spread those wings?  What do you see?

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  1. kate permalink
    January 30, 2012 3:52 pm

    you make me teary…

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