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Winter Citrus

January 23, 2012

Especially on these gloomy winter days, nothing beats a grapefruit…  They remind us that it is sunny somewhere, and that one day (hopefully soon!), it will be sunny here again.  Posting this picture reminds me of a spring break trip I took with my college roommates (shout out to the 510 girls!) to one of their parent’s houses in Florida.  Her amazing mom had planted fruit trees throughout the yard and during the week we made fresh lemonade with lemons straight from the tree, picked oranges, etc, but the grapefruit were really perfect – juicy, sweet, and perfect all by themselves.  We all ate at least one a day.

Coming back to NYC we had a super early flight, and of course waited until the absolute last minute to clean up the house.  After a few cocktails at a bar in town, we commenced our wild women cleaning mission – vacuuming at double speed, wiping counters with gusto, and mostly running into each other!  In the midst of all this, the girls decided to send the tallest (yours truly) out into the yard to pick some grapefruit to bring back.  A little scared in the pitch dark, and still a little tipsy, I started knocking any grapefruit I could reach off of this highly prolific tree, but… I got a little overzealous!  Before I knew it I had a whole garbage bag full of grapefruits!  We all had a good laugh when I came in with my bounty, and an even better laugh when I carried what felt like 50 pounds of grapefruit through the airport to New York! (this was somehow before the TSA liquid carry-on regulation)  I think we enjoyed at least a grapefruit a day for two more weeks post-spring break, and somehow they tasted even sweeter when still faced with the chilly March weather outside.

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