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Hey Honey!

January 15, 2012

I can’t help myself… Every time I go on a trip, be it across the river or across the ocean, I have to pick up some local honey. It is such a nice souvenir, and each time you use it, it brings back memories of wandering through the farmer’s market upstate with friends, or the special way the tea shop smelled in Schwerin…

My current collection includes, from left:

Raw honey from the farmer’s market in Rhinebeck, NY
Cobble Hill Honey from Two for the Pot
Thyme honey from my favorite food purveyor in Tunis
Creamy, raw and unfiltered honey from Maine
Sanddorn honey from Schwerin
Sourwood honey from Tennessee (but received as a gift from a dinner at the James Beard House)

Each one has its own flavors and qualities, and some are suited better for tea, toast, or just straight from the spoon! Looking at this, I realize I could use a dark wildflower honey. Must mean it’s time for another adventure soon!

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